Series 2019: the final ranking of the best of the year

What series will reign around the world after the end of Game of Thrones? The Witcher, Stranger Things, Peaky Blinders, The Crown or the Spanish The paper house and Elite fight for that precious crown that has a radioactive owner.

2019 came to an end and the series harvest is overwhelming, from the impossible-most-media final of Game of Thrones to the surprise explosion of Chernobyl. The throne of the most influential series in the world is disputed by Stranger Things, The Crown or Big Little Lies with their new seasons. And the most exciting thing is to see what new series has entered the Olympus of the chosen ones. To have them all at a glance in the same report, we start with the RANKING OF THE SERIES ALREADY RELEASED and leave a LIMBO OF SERIES already released that we do not know what to do with them.

Series 2019: the final ranking of the best of the year

And, of course, the 2020 SERIES CALENDAR has just come out of the oven. To program marathons!

Dark Matter (HBO) – Chapter per week

Fans of Harry Potter and every fantastic saga based on (quality) books were very attentive to this premiere. Dark matter is the adaptation of the acclaimed homily trilogy by Philip Pullman, about an orphan girl fighting in a fantastic world against a network of child theft, all with a speech full of references to religion – there was great controversy in her day for his supposed incitement to atheism – to quantum physics … Well, and there is a bear, as in Lost. But the pilot, more than loving, is tedious.

First, because the youthful character is so marked that everything goes from obvious and naive. Second, because the cinematographic airs of production do not have a brilliant execution either. Third, because an actor at the level of James McAvoy is told the league that for him it is a project as profitable as it is not very stimulating. And fourth, because for now it’s a tostón. We hope it will improve in the next chapters but, for now, the disappointment is great.

The Politician (Netflix)

Ryan Murphy recovers Glee’s ironic (and colorful) style for this series about a rich student from Santa Barbara who since childhood is convinced that he will become president of the United States … But first there are some steps to climb, such as becoming president from the school board of his mega pijo institute.

The idea is very pertinent and the cast shouts Hollywood (Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Lange …), but there is such an enormous emotional distance with the viewer that the slashes of the script, many bright, end up being perceived as random occurrences. This is what happens when a showrunner, however crack it is, opens six series in a year: they all point in good manners and none have just finished the job.

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