Quick Answer: Which IIM Is Best For Which Field?

What is salary of IIM?

IIM placements are usually conducted between December-February every year for the PGP batch.

The average salary package offered to candidates from top IIMs range from Rs 20-25 lakh per annum, while salary packages of newer IIMs fall between Rs 10-20 lakh per annum..

Which IIM has highest package?

Highest Packages at IIMs 2019:Name of the InstituteHighest SalaryAverage SalaryIIM Bangalore (IIM B)-Rs. 24.54 LPAIIM Calcutta (IIM C)Rs. 72 LPARs. 25.40 LPAIIM Lucknow (IIM L)-IIM Indore (IIM I)Rs. 40.5 LPARs. 20.79 LPA16 more rows•Jul 15, 2020

Are IIM graduates rich?

Those from the top IIMs like Ahmedabad or Bangalore earn Rs 20.6 lakh per annum at the entry level, which is 121% higher than the Rs 9.3 lakh graduates get on average in India, Mettl’s survey of 80 MBA colleges revealed. … These are ideal for candidates who have both, an MBA and a B Tech degree.

Does Google hire from IIM?

Google is one of the most desired workplaces for many new MBAs and graduates. … In this highly detailed interview, an IIM Indore student describes the complex and thorough process that he underwent to get selected for a summer internship with Google. Here’s how he did it!

What is the minimum package of IIM?

MBA/PGDM Admission 2021 Open/ Apply NowSalary componentPlacement 2020 (Rs. In Lakhs)Placement 2017 (Rs.in Lakhs)Maximum Salary55.8853.00Average salary26.1322.58Median salary25.0022.00Minimum salary16.009.00Oct 13, 2020

Who earns more IIT or IIM?

MUMBAI: As employers look for quality talent, engineering graduates from top IITs are fetching 137 per cent higher salary package than an average engineer, while management graduates from top IIMs are getting 121 per cent more than an average MBA graduate, according to a report.

Which MBA has highest salary?

Highest-paying jobs for MBA graduates: StatisticsStrategy. MBAs with a specialization in Strategy earned the most (ranked by mid-career salary) among those holding a degree in business management, according to PayScale. … General and strategic management. … Entrepreneurship. … Corporate finance. … Finance and economics.

Do IIMs prefer Iitians?

IIM A HAS PREFERENCE FOR IIT/BITS / NIT DURING GIVING CALL LETTERS. IIM A HAS PREFERENCE FOR IIT/BITS / NIT DURING GIVING CALL LETTERS. The conversion ration is more than 80 percent. That means you have 20 percent chance to get rejected…

Can I join IIM after 12th?

IPMAT is an aptitude test conducted by IIM Indore for admission to its five-year course, IPM (Integrated Programme in Management). IPM is a dual degree programme (Bachelors + Masters) offered by IIM Indore for candidates passing the 12th standard. It is a programme which allows entry to an IIM just after 12th standard.

Which new IIM is best?

The newest among all is IIM Jammu which was launched in 2016 under the mentorship of IIM Lucknow. Also Read: Newer IIMs vs non-IIMs: Which B-school should you choose? IIM Placements and Top Recruiters….New IIMs: Rankings and Placements 2020.NameIIM KashipurYear of Establishment2011NIRF Ranking 202033Average Salary 2020Rs 13.82 LPA13 more columns•Sep 7, 2020

Where are IIM toppers now?

Akshay Mehndiratta was one one of the toppers that year who scored 100 percentile in his second attempt. He had pursued BTech Chemical Engineering at IIT Delhi; he later joined MBA at IIM Ahmedabad. He is currently working with Boston Consulting Group in Mumbai.

Which MBA course is best?

MBA in Finance. MBA in finance is one of the most popular and highly opted for forms of MBA specialization. … MBA in Marketing. … MBA in Human Recourse Management (HRM) … MBA in International Business (IB) … MBA in Operation Management. … MBA in Information Technology (IT) … MBA in Supply Chain Management. … MBA in Rural Management.More items…•

Which IIM is best for MBA?

MBA Eligibility CriteriaCollege NameNIRF’20 RankingIIM Ahmedabad1IIM Bangalore2IIM Calcutta3IIM Lucknow46 more rows

Which is the best course in IIM?

MBA Courses Offered by IIMsInstituteCourse OfferedIIM BangalorePost- Graduate Program in Public Policy and Management (PGPPM)Post- Graduate Programme in Enterprise Management (PGPEM)IIM CalcuttaPost Graduate Programme in Management (PGP)Fellow Programme in Management (FPM)69 more rows•Aug 20, 2020

Which IIM is good for finance?

Top Finance B-Schools In IndiaInstituteTotal SeatsCut-Off (%tile)IIM Calcutta46299IIM Bangalore41899IIM Ahmedabad35899FMS Delhi22097+12 more rows•Dec 30, 2019