Quick Answer: What Is A Generally?

What is mean by generally?

usually; commonly; ordinarily: He generally comes home at noon.

with respect to the larger part; for the most part: a generally accurate interpretation of the facts.

without reference to or disregarding particular persons, things, situations, etc., that may be an exception: generally speaking..

What is another word for generally?

What is another word for generally?normallymostlyusuallycommonlyordinarilypredominantlyregularlycustomarilyhabituallyprincipally231 more rows

What does generally mean in law?

This word has several meanings, namely: 1. A principal officer, particularly in the army. 2. Something opposed to special; as, a general verdict, the general issue, which expressions are used in contradistinction to special verdict, special issue. 3.

Is generally a transition word?

After, afterward, before, then, once, next, last, at last, at length, first, second, etc., at first, formerly, rarely, usually, another, finally, soon, meanwhile, at the same time, for a minute, hour, day, etc., during the morning, day, week, etc., most important, later, ordinarily, to begin with, afterwards, generally …

What is the difference between generally and usually?

They are generally similar, but as the basic meanings of those words show, generally seems to look at the broad picture and does not worry about minor details; normally focuses on the norm as opposed to exceptions; usually talks about frequency of events or describes a habit.

What’s the meaning of in general?

phrase. You use in general to indicate that you are talking about something as a whole, rather than about part of it. I think we need to improve our educational system in general. Synonyms: as a whole, generally, overall, altogether More Synonyms of in general.

Does generally always mean?

usually, commonly, typically, regularly, normally, on average, on the whole, for the most part, almost always, in most cases, by and large, ordinarily, as a rule, habitually, conventionally, customarily As women we generally say and feel too much about these things.

What does generally mean in a sentence?

: in a general manner: such as. a : in disregard of specific instances and with regard to an overall picture generally speaking. b : as a rule : usually.

What kind of word is generally?

Generally is defined as usually or for the most part. An example of generally used as an adverb is in the sentence, “He generally gets to work around 9:30 a.m.,” which means that he usually gets to work around 9:30.

Where do you put generally in a sentence?

[S] [T] I generally don’t make mistakes. ( … [S] [T] Tom generally takes the bus to work. ( … [S] [T] Generally speaking, Americans like coffee. ( … [S] [T] Generally, women live 10 years longer than men. ( … [S] [T] Generally speaking, boys can run faster than girls. (More items…

How do you use the word generally?

Generally sentence examplesYou are fortunate, for the latter are generally the stronger! … Alex’s sister generally had an opinion about everything, so it was no surprise that Katie had one about Lori. … And that fact is driven home by its generally low price in most locations.More items…