Quick Answer: What Happened To Michael On Good Times?

What happened to Michael Evans of good times?

Four years after her death, Evans died of throat cancer at his mother’s home in Twentynine Palms, California at the age of 53.

He is survived by his two daughters, Carlena and Tammie, his mother Annie Sue, his brother Thomas, his cousin Harold and his niece Chrystal..

Who passed away on The Jeffersons?

Actor Mike Evans(AP) – Actor Mike Evans, best known as Lionel Jefferson in the TV sitcoms “All in the Family” and “The Jeffersons,” has died. He was 57. Evans died of throat cancer Dec. 14 at his mother’s home in Twentynine Palms, said his niece, Chrystal Evans.

Who is Janet DuBois daughter?

Rani DuBoisYovanne DuboisJa’Net DuBois/DaughtersJa’Net Dubois Is Survived by Her Grown-Up Daughter Rani Who Appeared in ‘What’s Happening’ Actress Ja’Net DuBois, best known as Willona Woods in “Good Times,” recently passed away. One of her daughters, Rani, had a brief career in the entertainment industry.

Is Ja Net DuBois still living?

DeceasedJa’Net DuBois/Living or Deceased

What happened on the last episode of The Jeffersons?

July 2, 1985The Jeffersons/Final episode dateThe show ended in controversy after CBS abruptly canceled the series without allowing for a proper series finale. The cast was not informed until after the July 2, 1985, episode “Red Robins”, and actor Sherman Hemsley said he found out that the show was canceled by reading it in the newspaper.

Did Janet DuBois die?

February 17, 2020Ja’Net DuBois/Date of death

Who was Janet DuBois married to?

Sajit GuptaJa’Net DuBoisOccupationActress singer songwriterYears active1962–2016Known forWillona Woods – Good Times Ma Bell – I’m Gonna Git You Sucka Ms. Avery – The PJsSpouse(s)Sajit Gupta (m. 1950–?; divorced)4 more rows

How old was Esther Rolle when she died?

78 years (1920–1998)Esther Rolle/Age at death

What happened to the actor who played Lionel on The Jeffersons?

TWENTYNINE PALMS, California — Actor Mike Evans, best known as Lionel Jefferson in the TV sitcoms “All in the Family” and “The Jeffersons,” has died. He was 57. Evans died of throat cancer December 14 at his mother’s home in Twentynine Palms, said his niece, Chrystal Evans.

How old is JJ Walker?

73 years (June 25, 1947)Jimmie Walker/Age

How old is berlinda Tolbert now?

71 years (November 4, 1949)Berlinda Tolbert/Age

Who has died from the show Good Times?

Ja’Net DuBoisJa’Net DuBois, who played the sassy Willona Woods in the hit 1970s television show “Good Times” and sang the theme song to another hit show, “The Jeffersons,” died on Monday at her home in Glendale, Calif. Her death was confirmed by her daughter Kesha Gupta-Fields.

How old is Michael on Good Times?

Ralph CarterRalph Carter played the role of Michael, the youngest of the Evans’ children, on the series.Personal InformationGender:MaleBorn:(1961-05-30) May 30, 1961 (age 59)8 more rows

What is Jimmy Walker’s net worth?

Jimmie Walker net worth and salary: Jimmie Walker is an American actor who has a net worth of $800 thousand.

Why did they replace Lionel on Jefferson’s?

Mike Evans left The Jeffersons after its first season in order to devote more time to writing for Maude spin-off Good Times, which he had helped create. Damon Evans (no relation to Mike) played the role from the fall of 1975 until early 1978.

What happened to Florida Evans?

she is the mother of J.J., Thelma, and Michael Evans, and the wife of James Evans, then Carl Dixon after the untimely death of James, who died in a automobile accident while preparing his family for a move to Mississippi….Florida EvansCharacter played by:Esther Rolle17 more rows

Did Lionel and Jenny get divorced?

In 1976, Jenny marries Lionel, though they divorced in 1985 after nine years of marriage.

What floor did the Jeffersons live on?

Colby EastThe Jeffersons live on the 12th floor of the Colby East.

Did Michael from Good Times die?

American actor and singer Ralph David Carter, known for his role as Michael Evans on the television show “Good Times,” is now retired from the spotlight. He has dedicated his life to his family, raising five kids from two different women.

Is Jenny still alive from the Jeffersons?

The Jeffersons Tolbert played the role of Jenny for the run of the series, from 1975-1985. … As of May 2019, Tolbert, Marla Gibbs, Jay Hammer and Damon Evans (Lionel #2) are the last surviving members of The Jeffersons main cast.

How much is Michael from good times worth?

Ralph CarterNet Worth:$1 MillionDate of Birth:1961-05-30Gender:MaleProfession:Actor, SingerNationality:United States of America

How old is Florida from good times?

Esther RolleRolle on the set of Good Times, 1974BornNovember 8, 1920 Pompano Beach, Florida, U.S.DiedNovember 17, 1998 (aged 78) Culver City, California, U.S.Resting placeWestview Community Cemetery, Pompano Beach, FL.7 more rows

Who is the CEO of Good Times?

Ryan Zink(Nasdaq: GTIM) Board of Directors announced today that Ryan Zink has been named Chief Executive Officer of Good Times Restaurants Inc. effective immediately. Mr. Zink has served as Acting Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer since October 2019.