Quick Answer: What Did Dr Strange Signal To Ironman Endgame?

What did Doctor Strange say to Ironman in endgame?

He reveals to Iron Man that there’s only one where the Avengers win i.e.

the Endgame.

The Sorcerer Supreme simply replies: “We’re in the Endgame now.” You see, Doctor Strange knew that Iron Man had to live now to die in five years time.

Thanos had to win the battle, so the Avengers could win the war..

Why did Dr Strange raise his finger in endgame?

Right before he destroyed Thanos though, viewers might remember how Doctor Strange held up one finger to Tony, seemingly referencing the one in 14,000,605 futures that would see the Avengers triumphing over the Mad Titan. … He means, ‘You’re going to have to die, Tony. ‘”

Can Dr Strange bring back Iron Man?

Avengers Endgame broke a lot of hearts when it was released. Fans are not over the death of many beloved characters. However, Marvel Studios might have good news for its fans.

Why did Dr Strange give stone to Thanos?

The first says Doctor Strange did give Thanos “a” Time Stone that let him halve the universe’s population, but it was one from a different reality and Strange’s secret plan was to protect the real one so Tony Stark and the rest of the survivors can use it reverse Thanos’ snap.

Why didnt Dr Strange tell Tony?

Strange couldn’t tell Tony what would happen, that would mean telling him he would have to sacrifice himself and die. Even if Tony was perfectly willing to die, it’s off-putting to know it’s coming. At the time, Tony needed to be quick and spontaneous. There was no time for him to be thinking about what would happen.

Why did Dr Strange Signal Iron Man?

Dr. Strange raised his index finger signaling to Tony that the present scenario was the only possibility of winning, and Iron Man had to do what was needed in order to win, thus going for the stones.