Quick Answer: What Are Some Useless Superpowers?

What are some cool super powers?

25 Useful Super-PowersInvisibility.

You know you’ve got it when: You go all see-through, obviously.


You know you’ve got it when: The ground is further away than it used to be.


Super Speed.

Telepathy/ Mind Control.



Power Absorbtion.More items…•.

Who are the 5 superpowers in the world?

PowerUnited States.Russia.China.Germany.United Kingdom.France.

Who is the laziest superhero?

Here are twelve times superheroes have been caught using their powers to be lazy slackers.5 Molecule Man.6 Marvel Girl/Phoenix. … 7 The Thing. … 8 Iceman. … 9 Tony Chu. … 10 The Flash. … 11 Superman. … 12 Big Bertha. Big Bertha is a mutant who manipulates and controls her mass and body fat levels. … More items…•

Who is the most useless superhero in Marvel?

This list is going to take a look at those heroes — the most useless heroes of the Marvel Universe.1 Dr. Druid.2 Mister Fantastic. The leader of the Fantastic Four, Mister Fantastic is useless. … 3 Cypher. … 4 Star-Lord. … 5 Hulk. … 6 Battling Bantam. … 7 Beak. … 8 Angel. … More items…•

What is the strongest super power?

With that in mind, here are the 25 best superpowers of all time, ranked!1 ELEMENTAL CONTROL. Elemental control comes in many forms, and it is clear that some are nowhere near as powerful as others.2 TELEPATHY. … 3 TELEKINESIS. … 4 TIME TRAVEL. … 5 SUPER SPEED. … 6 INVULNERABILITY. … 7 SUPER STRENGTH. … 8 TELEPORTATION. … More items…•

What is the opposite of useless?

useless(adj) having no beneficial use or incapable of functioning usefully. “a kitchen full of useless gadgets”; “she is useless in an emergency” Antonyms: useful, recyclable, utilizable, reusable, utile, utilitarian, useable, serviceable, usable, reclaimable, multipurpose.

What is a useless person?

Useless definitions. … The definition of useless is someone or something that has no function or purpose or that is not helpful in any way.

What are the 5 great powers?

China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States are often referred to as great powers by academics due to “their political and economic dominance of the global arena”. These five nations are the only states to have permanent seats with veto power on the UN Security Council.

What is a useless superpower?

Pointless Super Powers. some of them include: The power to be invisible when no one is looking at you. The power to teleport yourself to the exact same location. The power to breath underwater but doesn’t work if you’re wet.

What are the worst super powers?

The 10 Worst Super Powers Ever CreatedDoorman. Super Power: Ability to transform self into a door.The Red Bee. Super Power: Train attack bees to fight crime. … Zan. Super Power: Able to transform into water-based forms. … Dogwelder. Super Power: Welding dog heads on the faces of his enemies. … Matter Eater Lad. … Arm-Fall-Off-Boy. … Color Kid. … Rainbow Girl. … More items…

What’s another word for useless?

In this page you can discover 52 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for useless, like: worthless, no damn good, unavailing, unprofitable, ineffective, unusable, thrive, unsuccessful, nugatory, broken and dysfunctional.

Who is the weakest superhero of all time?

With that said, here are the 10 Weakest Marvel Beings (And 10 That Are Way Too Overpowered).7 Overpowered: Celestials. … 6 Weakest: Star-Lord (MCU Version) … 5 Overpowered: Franklin Richards. … 4 Weakest: Frost Giants. … 3 Overpowered: Skrulls. … 2 Weakest: Nova Corps (MCU Version) … 1 Overpowered: Doctor Doom (Fant4stic Version)More items…•

Who is the lamest superhero?


What is the most underrated superpower?

The most underrated Marvel superpowers are nothing to ignore, as you will see.Duplication – Multiple Man. … Probability Manipulation (Luck) – Longshot. … Elasticity – Mister Fantastic. … Immortality – Man-Thing. … Organic Steel Form – Colossus. … Amphibious Physiological Adaptation – Namor. … Tree Physiology – Groot.More items…

How do you describe useless?

fruitless, worthless, stupid, impractical, inoperative, ineffectual, unworkable, meaningless, idle, ineffective, futile, unproductive, pointless, incompetent, hopeless, counterproductive, no good, abortive, bootless, disadvantageous.

Who is the stupidest superhero?

These are the 15 Dumbest Superhero Origins, Ranked.8 Shanna The She-Devil.7 Squirrel Girl.6 Defensor.5 Firebrand.4 Doctor Droom.3 Wally West / Kid Flash.2 Jay Garrick.1 Badger.More items…•