Quick Answer: Does The Hulk Have A Weakness?

Is Professor Hulk as strong as regular Hulk?

Professor Hulk’s Powers and Abilities As much as Thor might protest, Professor Hulk lays a convincing claim toward the title of “strongest Avenger.” Professor Hulk’s base-level strength exceeds that of any other Hulk incarnation.

Coupled with Banner’s keen intellect, that makes him a formidable opponent..

Did Hawkeye kill Hulk?

HOW DID HAWKEYE KILL HULK. … When Hawkeye though he saw a flicker of green in Banner’s eyes, Hawkeye shot an arrow into his head, killing Bruce Banner and the Hulk.

Can the Hulk die of old age?

The Hulk cannot. The issue is, when things get dangerous for Bruce, he turns into the Hulk. if you can make that not happen, then Bruce will die in any myriad of ways. Also, there will be a point where Bruce will be too old to survive, and he will be forced to remain the Hulk if he wants to continue existing.

Is Hawkeye a mutant?

it was like a sub-sub-sub plot to maybe explain his great aim like 20 years ago, but no he was never confirmed a mutant. … the only powers he ever had was when he was Goliath.

Why does Thanos fear the Hulk?

He explains the reason he’s wanted to avoid the fight is because it would be a difficult fight, as his fight with Champion was. Thanos “His strength seems to grow in direct proportion to his anger. … Given how Thanos has fared recently (he is of course dead, again) he has good reason to fear Hulk.

Who is stronger than the Hulk?

ThorThor has greater control over his power than The Hulk and has a higher base strength than The Hulk, but The Hulk does beat him out in one category.

Can the Hulk beat Thanos?

In short, Thanos is as strong as the Hulk and more than a match for him in terms of fighting technique. The only thing Hulk has going for him is raw aggression and that got him a slight advantage at the start of the fight along with the element of surprise.

What is the Hulk afraid of?

The only thing Hulk is afraid of is Banner and so that’s become something that we’ve been riffing on since [Age of Ultron]. … Another thing that would be cool to see is the personalities of Banner and Hulk merging into the Professor Hulk from Marvel Comics.

What hurts the Hulk?

Adamantium is something that can cause damage to Hulk. … However, in World War Hulk, Wolverine found it harder to cut into Hulk’s skin and said that the angrier Hulk gets, the harder it is to hurt him. A second metal that can cut Hulk is Vibranium, so Black Panther could come up with a weapon if he wanted to injure him.

Did Hulk lift Thor’s hammer?

Perhaps the closest Hulk has come to truly lifting Mjolnir was in Avengers Assemble #4. Thor attempted to wallop Thanos with Mjolnir, only for Thanos to mind-control Hulk and force the Jade Giant to catch the hammer. Hulk was able to both deflect Mjolnir and whack Thor in the face with it.

Why is the Hulk immortal?

Immortal Hulk is the result of Bruce Banner and the Hulk having been through different deaths and rebirths, allowing the Devil Hulk to seal the other incarnations away and become the dominant Hulk persona. … If Banner is injured by sunset, the Immortal Hulk will emerge with his transformation being limited to night-time.

What can kill the Hulk?

A gamma or nuclear bomb, can kill him if he is right in the place of explosion, that is how Hulk killed the Maestro, who is way more powerful than him.