Question: What Is The Second Phase Of Globalization?

What are the phases of globalization?

Transition 1: Modern humans leave Africa; Phase 1 begins: Humans colonise the world.

Transition 2: Climate warms and stabilises; Phase 2 begins: Agriculture allows rise of ancient civilisations.

Transition 3: Steam Revolution; Phase 3 begins: Trade costs drop, Old Globalisation starts, the Great Divergence appears..

What are the four phases of globalization?

Four phases of globalisationPhase 1: Humanising the globe (300,000 BCE–10,000 BCE) … Phase 2: Localising the global economy (10,000 BCE–1820 CE) … Phase 3: Globalising local economies (1820–1990) … Phase 4: Globalising factories (1990–present)

What is the second wave of globalization?

The second wave of globalization, usually dated from 1985 to the Present, is characterized by an increase of the goods and services ratio to World GDP of 9 pp, integration of capital markets with an expansion of 23 pp in FDI over GDP, more intense communication and information relationships with significant transfers …

What are the two types of globalization?

Types of globalisationPolitical globalisation. Political globalisation refers to the amount of political co-operation that exists between different countries. … Social globalisation. Social globalisation refers to the sharing of ideas and information between and through different countries. … Economic globalisation.