Question: What Is The Noun Of Assist?

How do you use the word assist?

Assist sentence examplesShe had the sudden urge to assist him.

The money would assist in taking care of her schooling.

Some people around her know of her ability and assist her but she alone has the gift.

“Deidre, I’m offering my expertise to assist you,” Andre said.

I went to great lengths to assist your mate.More items….

Which word means same as assist?

SYNONYMS. help, aid, abet, lend a hand to, lend a helping hand to, give assistance to, be of use to, oblige, accommodate, serve, be of service to, do someone a service, do someone a favour, do someone a good turn, bail someone out, come to someone’s rescue. cooperate with, collaborate with, work with.

What is the noun of free?

Freedom” is the noun form for the adjective “free,” and as they say, “freedom is never free.”

Is Famous an abstract noun?

The abstract noun of Famous is Fame. Here in the given question Famous is the common noun and the abstract noun form of Famous is Fame. An abstract noun cannot be experienced by any of the tenses. It can only be sensed, felt and understood.

What is the abstract noun of Attract?

AttractionAnswer. Attraction is the abstract noun for attract as it cannot be seen or touched.

What is the abstract noun of intelligent?

Answer and Explanation: Abstract nouns associated with the adjective ”intelligent” include the words ”intelligence” and ”intellect. ”

What is noun form of assist?

Option D: Assistance is the noun form of ‘assist’ that means ‘the action of assisting or helping someone’.

Is assistance a noun or verb?

noun. the act of assisting; help; aid; support.

What is another word for assist?

What is another word for assist?helpassistanceaidcontributionhandsupportabetmentliftbackingbenefit161 more rows

What is the abstract noun of assist?

The abstract noun derived from assist is assistance.

What is the verb of assist?

(Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. : to give usually supplementary support or aid to She assisted the boy with his lessons.