Question: What Does Slovenly Mean?

How do you use slovenly in a sentence?

Slovenly in a Sentence 🔉The man’s slovenly dress was a result of him being homeless for a month.

Because Jan is a pet hoarder, with over twenty cats, it is not surprising that she lives in a slovenly home.

In the animated series, the slovenly dark-skinned child always has a puff of dirt following him.More items….

What is a very messy or slovenly person?

Slob. Chg 1. An untidy, messy, or. slovenly person. Slosh.

What is a messy person called?

sloven: a dirty or sloppy person.

What is the meaning of messy messy?

1 : marked by confusion, disorder, or dirt : untidy a messy room. 2 : lacking neatness or precision : careless, slovenly messy thinking. 3 : extremely unpleasant or trying messy lawsuits a messy divorce.

What is the meaning of altruistic?

a : having or showing an unselfish concern for the welfare of others altruistic acts/motives a generous and altruistic person Yet many of the most important institutions in our society—the fine arts, NGOs, humanitarian charities—depend on the generosity of wealthy citizens with altruistic impulses.—

What does flagrantly mean?

flagrant, glaring, gross, rank mean conspicuously bad or objectionable. flagrant applies usually to offenses or errors so bad that they can neither escape notice nor be condoned.

What does slovenly person mean?

n a coarse obnoxious person Synonyms: pig, slob, sloven Types: litter lout, litterbug, litterer. a person who litters public places with refuse. slattern, slovenly woman, trollop. a dirty untidy woman.

What are you if you are slovenly?

Slovenly is what your great aunt Mehitabel might call you if you came to high tea without a necktie. It means “messy or unkempt,” but is a word you probably won’t hear messy or unkempt people using.

What is the origin of the word slovenly?

Word History: This word probably originates in some Germanic source, compare Middle Flemish sloovin “a scold” and sloef “untidy, shabby”, Dutch sloffen “to shuffle, dodder”, and Middle Low German sloven “to put on clothes carelessly”. These words come from PIE sleubh- “to slide, slip”.

What is a slovenly woman?

n a dirty untidy woman Synonyms: slattern, trollop Type of: pig, slob, sloven, slovenly person. a coarse obnoxious person.

What a person intends or plans to do?

Intend, mean, design, propose imply knowing what one wishes to do and setting this as a goal. To intend is to have in mind something to be done or brought about: No offense was intended. Mean is a less formal word than intend but otherwise a close synonym: He means to go away.

What is the opposite of slovenly?

slovenly. Antonyms: trim, neat, careful, orderly, tidy, precise. Synonyms: loose, negligent, disorderly, untidy, unclean, sluttish, slatternly.