Question: Is BYJU Classes Good For NEET?

Is Unacademy free of cost?

Is Unacademy free.

Unacademy offers several free courses.

Their paid courses – Unacademy plus – have prices ranging from ₹ 1,000 up to ₹ 30,000.

Their paid courses – Unacademy Plus – are limited to small batches of students..

Can 2 person use Unacademy?

Can Unacademy Plus be shared? No. But, it’s your wish to share your account credentials to your friends and family. So, if you subscribed to Unacademy Plus, you will be using only one account but the same account can be opened at any place and time.

Can I pass Neet without coaching?

While coaching is one tool commonly used by many students, there are toppers who have cracked NEET without any coaching. With appropriate guidance, a crisp study plan, some smart-work, and a lot of diligent work, scoring high marks is totally possible.

Is BYJU’s good for students?

It is clear BYJU’s has put its money to good use in marketing, and has targeted parents of students on its way to raising even more capital. … BYJU’s was started as a standard coaching class for CAT, the exam to get into Indian BSchools, and therefore targeted individuals in the 21-25 age group.

Is BYJU’s free or paid?

BYJU’S runs on a freemium model. Free access to content is limited to 15 days after the registration. Their main product is a mobile app named BYJU’S-The Learning App launched in August 2015. It offers educational content mainly to school students from class 1 to 12 (primary to higher secondary level education).

Which is better BYJU or Unacademy for NEET?

Unacademy has hundreds of useful courses while BYJU’s also offers good-quality content. … Some aspirants feel that Unacademy’s free content is better than BYJU’s. While both the platforms offer good-quality paid content (courses or resources), Unacademy is believed to be an affordable option compared to BYJU’s.

Which is the best app for NEET preparation?

Top 10 NEET preparation apps ruling the roostGradeUp. GradeUp is one of the most popular NEET preparation apps amongst the medical aspirants. … Unacademy. Unacademy is a one-stop shop for all the NEET aspirants. … EduRev NEET. … Askiitians. … Aakash iTutor. … NEET Prep. … NEET Preparation 2019 Offline. … Embibe.More items…•

Are coaching classes necessary for NEET?

In order to crack the NEET exam, it is not just enough if you are good academically. … NEET UG comprises syllabus from class 11 and 12 subjects such as physics, chemistry and biology. In case you do not have a clear idea about how the exam works, a coaching centre will play the role of being your guide.

Which app is best for UPSC preparation?

Mrunal. Mrunal Mobile App is providing valuable study material for IAS Exam through video lessons and linear format. … Civilsdaily. … Iasbaba. … The Hindu. … VISION IAS. … Insights On India. … Clear IAS. … AFEIAS(Academy For Excellence IAS)More items…•

Can I get Unacademy Plus for free?

Unfortunately that isn’t possible, you have to take a Plus subscription for watching any plus courses! Put there are lots of free courses that you can watch as a user on Unacademy and even accumulate learning credits which will help you get more discounts when you buy a Plus subscription! … Is Unacademy still free?

Can a weak student crack NEET?

Yes, an average student can not only crack NEET exam but clear it with top rank if he/ she gets proper guidance, work hard with consistency and follow smart strategy and plan.

Is Unacademy good for IAS?

Both Unacademy and BYJU’s platforms offer free and paid content and courses for UPSC aspirants. … While both the platforms offer good-quality paid content (courses or resources), Unacademy is believed to be an affordable option compared to BYJU’s (some full UPSC CSE courses offered).

Which is better BYJU or Unacademy for UPSC?

Unacademy offers educational content for UPSC, SSC & Banks, Railway, Defense, JEE&NEET, GATE, TET, CET and many other competitive examinations. Byju’s syllabus is more comprehensive. Over the years, they have been able to expand their content and adapt their teaching style for competitive exams.

Is Toppr app is free?

From IIT/JEE preparation to NEET preparation, most competitive exams can be cracked using Toppr app. … Toppr app is free of cost. It also offers access to all the video lectures without any charges.

Who is the topper of BYJU’s?

– Suranjan Saha. 16 year old Suranjan Saha, a 96% scorer in 10th board exams, 2018, points out that it is not necessary…

Is BYJU’s IAS free?

BYJU’S Free IAS Prep (free online coaching for IAS) offers the best UPSC study material and strategy online for free! … It offers unsurpassed IAS coaching online in the country from the best teachers. Features of BYJU’S IAS Prep Tablet: 400+ hours of lectures preloaded.

Is Unacademy certificate valid?

Online courses available on online portals like Udemy, Unacademy, Coursera and Vskills etc. are definitely good and also have validity. These courses are run by reputed universities. … Besides, if you compare cost wise, an online certification course will cost you less while regular course will more.

Can I crack NEET by self study?

Ingrain in your mind that it is possible to crack NEET with self-studies, it has been done in the past and it can be achieved by you too. Having an undying spirit is the key. 11. Never be complacent – do not be steered by the fact that you know questions as you have been consistently getting good scores in mock tests.