Question: How Much Is A Bag Of Bamburi Cement In Kenya?

How many bags of cement do I need for 100 square feet?

1.88 bags1.88 bags ( 93.89 kg) of cement and 531 nos bricks are required for 100 square feet 4.5 inch brick wall..

How many bags of cement do I need for 1 cubic meter?

Batching by volume – DIYMaterials0.2 m3 concrete1 m3 concretecement (no. 25 kg bags)2.512all-in aggregate (volume in m3)0.251.3water (volume in litres)32160cement (no. 25 kg bags)3.51410 more rows

How much does a bag of cement cost in Kenya?

What is the price of a bag of cement in Kenya? At the moment, the cost of buying a bag of cement in Kenya is KSh. 600 – KSh. 700 per bag.

What is the price of 1 bag cement?

Prices ranges between 300 to 350 depending upon type of cement (OPC/PPC) and quantity required. Price has on 10-06-2019 is Rs. 365 per Bag.

How many bags of concrete do I need for a 3 bedroom house?

155 bagsWhile for a normal or a medium size of a three bedroom flat it will take around 2700 blocks and 155 bags of cement will be enough to build a 3 bedroom flat.

How much is sand in Kenya?

20 tons of sand is currently being sold at Ksh 40,000 up from Ksh 30,000 weeks ago. On the other hand, 10 tons of sand is being sold at between Ksh 20,000 dollars and Ksh 25,000.

Which cement is better 43 grade or 53 grade?

The fineness in cement generates early gain in strength, but along with high heat of hydration. … OPC 43 grade cement is generally used for non-structural works like plastering flooring etc. Whereas OPC 53 grade cement is used in the projects which require higher strength like concrete bridges, runways RCC works etc.

How much is cement in Ethiopia?

Concrete WorkPriceLast CheckedCement – PPC Dangote510.00 Br per quintalDec 26, 2020Cement – OPC Dangote525.00 Br per quintalSep 28, 2020Sand (hauling distance less than 5km in Addis Ababa)720.00 Br per m3Dec 26, 202033 more rows

How much is a bag of cement in Kenya 2019?

The average retail price of a 50kg bag of Dangote cement in Kenya is $4.70, which is a significant drop from an average $7.40 as at the end of last year. In Tanzania, a 50kg bag of Dangote cement is selling for $4.50, which is a 20 per cent drop from the average $5.85.

How much is white cement?

Showing prices in Lagos, Abuja statesstatePricevendorslagos₦9,500vendorsabuja₦9,500vendors

How many bags of cement do I need for a 3 bedroom house in Kenya?

958 bagsThe amount of cement used in total for an average 3 bedroomed residential house of 100m2 in plinth area is 958 bags at a cost of KES 691,000 basing on a price of KES 720 per 50kg bag. A square meter of building in Kenya will use 9.6 bags. 2 BEDROOMED FLAT.

Can you get white cement?

Everything you need to know about white concrete. One particular type of concrete that people use is white concrete. People sometimes refer to white concrete as white Portland cement. Ordinary gray Portland cement is the most common type of cement in the world.

Which white cement is best?

Overview. Birla White, the leading white cement brand in India, has positioned itself as the “Whitest White Cement”.

How can I buy cement directly from manufacturer?

PPC Cement offer bulk cement from all the India’s leading cement manufacturers. Customers are provided Direct Access to the Company Executive through the Platform who provide Cement Prices on the Custom Requirements of the Buyer through a Reverse Bidding mechanism.

Where can I use white cement?

Uses. White Portland cement is used in combination with white aggregates to produce white concrete for prestige construction projects and decorative work. White concrete usually takes the form of pre-cast cladding panels, since it is not economical to use white cement for structural purposes.

Which cement is better UltraTech or ACC?

Here, UltraTech cement has highest capacity as compared to other players and hence has first rank. On the other hand, ACC having 33.4 MTPA capacity has highest capacity utilization of 33.4% and hence has scored highest points.

How much is a bag of cement in Tanzania?

A bag of cement had been sold at around TZS19,000/bag (US$8.19/bag) in urban areas while the actual price is TZS11,000/bag, according to Mtwara traders. However, Yves Mataigne, commercial director of Twiga Cement, said that the high demand for cement had led traders to hike prices, according to Dativa Minja.

How many bags of cement do I need for a house?

511 (+ 5% and _ 5℅ shift) no of cement bags ( 301 cement bags for rcc concrete, 67 cement bags for brickwork, 89 cement bags for flooring & 54 cement bags for plastering) are required for construction of 1000 square feet house of low rise ground floor building.

How much will it cost to build a 3 bedroom house in Kenya?

If you are looking to build your dream house in Syokimau, then the average cost of building a 3-bedroom house will be near about KSh 3,600,000.

How much is a sand?

Price of sand ranges from $5 to $30 per ton, depending on the type. Natural sand will typically cost less than specialty sand. Screened sand costs about $15 to $20 per cubic yard and is suitable as a base for paving projects like driveways. You can also use sand for sandboxes and hardscaping.

How many stones does a lorry carry?

There are two types of building stones which come in different sizes. The machine cut stones come in different Quality and prices. For the 6′ Stone, truck carries a maximum of 800 stones, For the 9′ Stone, truck carries a maximum of 600 stones.