Question: Can I Do CA With Government Job?

How do I become a government chartered accountant?

It is mandatory for the professionals applying for the post to have a degree of Chartered Accountant.

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and an aggregate working experience of at least 15 yrs (Accounting and Taxation preferred) in banks, large scale corporates, PSUs, etc..

Is doing Ca really worth it?

In my personal opinion doing CA is of totally worth. CA is highest authority for accounts and audit. You will be a part of organization who is at most superior level who designs the work of how to record transactions and to check that transaction.

Is 5 Months enough for CA final?

The study leave of 5 months is quite more than sufficient to complete the study of both groups of CA final. You can complete the study of notes of your classes, practice manual and also you can solve papers. If you plan in a very strategic and good manner you can complete three readings of your subjects.

Can I do CA after 30 years?

Originally Answered: Is it worth doing CA course at the age of 30 years? if you sufficient funds and time then go for it…. You can do CA at any age. Your dedication and hard work is important.

Can I do CA while doing job?

Yes u can… But while doing a full time job gives very less time for attending classes and self study plus when u clear CA intermediate u have to do articleship for 3yrs so doing a full time job wld not b possible ….

Can a CA do both jobs and practice?

A chartered accountant is eligible to practice only if he has COP (certificate of practice). … So you can either be a full time employee or be a practicing chartered accountant. so the answer to your question is a chartered accountant who is in Government employment cannot practice.

Can I pass CA final in 2 months?

You have to complete your 1st revision in first 60 days or 2 months and also you have to complete full syllabus of CA Final in your study material in this period.

What is the salary of CA topper?

7 to 30 lakhs is the average salary of a CA professional in India. The international packages range upto 75 lakhs. The highest salary is offered to the rank holders and the students who pass out in a single attempt….CA Salary Package for Toppers.YearSalary Package2016Rs.41,60,0004 more rows•Apr 6, 2020

Is 6 months enough for CA final?

I am here to share a strategy to crack CA Final Exam in First Attempt and study plan. 1. First thing first, you should have at least a period of 6 month to prepare. … During this long period, you are required to plan your studies in such a manner that you can complete one time revision of the all eight subjects.

Can I become CA at the age of 40?

Learning has no age and age is just a number. CA doesn’t have a age limit for registration. You can enrol for this course. Salute to your spirit of learning.

How can I get CA final rank in 3 months?

Practice as many questions as you can. Thereafter start your theory subjects like law, audit, etc. so that you could retain them till your exams. Make sure that you have completed all your coachings at least 3 months before the exam so that you will get enough time for the self-study.

What is the age limit for CA?

21 yearU can appear for exam after 12th Pass. However for qualifying as a CA, your age should be 21 year. S D Bala is a widely traveled international banker . Holds the unique record of taking up chartered Accountancy at age 57 and qualifying at 60.

Which job is best for CA?

Top jobs for Chartered AccountantsCareer Option for Chartered Accountants. … Audit and Taxation. … Project Finance/ Financial Advisory/ Mergers & Acquisitions. … Investment Banking. … Banking and Financial Services. … Outsourcing. … Academics. … Corporate Sector.

Who Earns More CA in practice or job?

So learning wise CA in practice prevails over CA in Job. 4. … But in the long run CA in Practice are well off financially as compared to CA in job, as salary increments will be very limited for CA in job unless you became a part of top management, whereas for CA in practice income will multiply by each passing year.

At what age we can become CA?

21 yearsThe age is now 21 years. Thus a person can become a CA as early as 21 years if he has had regular schooling. That is if he is not admitted to the school either early or late. There is no problem if the person is admitted late to the school.