Is Wes Accepting Documents Online?

Does Wes accept online degrees?

In other words: If your own country does not recognize the institution or program, then WES cannot evaluate the institution or program, either.

This guideline holds true for standard traditional academic programs as well as many distance, online, and self-study courses..

Is Wes mandatory for Canada PR?

For immigration to Canada, you should choose an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA). An ECA is required to apply to certain Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) programs. World Education Services (WES) is designated by IRCC to provide ECAs for degrees and diplomas earned outside of Canada.

How many points are required for Canada PR 2020?

67 pointsThe points required for Canada PR include the eligibility requirement for the Canada PR which is 67 points out of 100. You will need to score at least 67 points under various eligibility criteria to apply for your PR visa.

Can I use Wes US for Canada?

WES evaluation done for an U.S university cannot be used for immigration to Canada. In fact, WES evaluation done to a Canadian university is even not applicable for immigration. … Only WES done for IRCC can be used for immigration purposes.

How can I check my Wes status?

If you ever need an update, WES provides an easy-to-use online tracking system. You can log in to My Account to check the status of your application at any time. If you require further assistance, please visit our Help Center or contact our customer support team.

Which is better Wes or Iqas?

WES is faster if your school can answer WES verification process quickly. … A single payment is required for multiple degree evaluation by WES and IQAS. On the other hand, last time I checked, ICES require mutiple payments for multiple degree evaluation.

How do I pay Wes fee?

Paying for Your Credential Evaluation After reviewing your order, you will be taken to the Payment page. You can pay via credit card, a bank transfer via Western Union, or you can choose to pay via check or money order, which will allow you to pay after you have submitted your application.

What is the fees for Wes Canada?

To apply for immigration to Canada, you need to get an ECA for immigration purposes from a designated organization. Each designated organization sets its own cost for an ECA. For most people, the cost is about CAN$200 plus the cost to have it delivered.

Is Wes accepting documents?

Processing of Incoming Mail Documents received in our WES Canada office by September 24, 2020, will be processed by October 9, 2020. Documents received in our WES U.S. office are being processed within 3-5 business days.

Does Wes send electronic transcripts?

How will I know when recipients receive their copy of my report? WES sends electronic reports to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and to AccessWES members. Electronic reports are delivered instantaneously, but the institutional recipients may not review them as soon as they receive them.

How do I send my Wes certificate?

Submitting Your DocumentsUnless specifically stated on the Required Documents page or requested by WES, do not submit original documents. … Do not submit your required documents via email. … Send your required documents to WES by postal mail, courier service, or online submission.More items…•

How long is Wes valid?

five yearsYour WES ECA is valid for five years from the date of issue, and you can continue using your ECA when you submit a new Express Entry profile. Note: WES does not evaluate occupational or trade qualifications.