Is Arun Sharma Good For GMAT?

Is Arun Sharma sufficient for cat?

Yes, Arun Sharma books are great for concepts building and then practising tougher questions .

In the quant book, the LOD-1 questions will help you clarify your basic understanding of a concept and then you may switch to LOD-2 & 3 problem sets of the chapters..

Which is the best study material for GMAT?

Here are five of the best GMAT prep books which will help you achieve a top GMAT score:The GMAT Official Guide. … The Critical Reasoning Bible (PowerScore) … The GMAT Sentence Correction Strategy Guide (Manhattan Prep) … Total GMAT Math (Jeff Sackmann) … GMAT Advanced Quant (Manhattan Prep)

Is CAT prep enough for GMAT?

70% less time is taken to prepare for GMAT – Time required to prepare for the GMAT is significantly lower than CAT. A typical student spends 10-12 months preparing for the CAT. However, you can score a 700+ score on the GMAT with 2-3 months of preparation.

How can I clear my cat without coaching?

Success Tips on How to Prepare for CAT Without Coaching?Take Mock Test.Know the Exam Pattern.Time Management.Create Study Groups.Get Right Study Material.Use Technology.Be Motivated & Have Faith in Yourself.

Can 4th year students apply for CAT?

The eligibility criterion for CAT is graduation, though final year students of various bachelor’s degree courses can also take the test. … Along with IIMs, there are several other institutes that require CAT score for admission into their MBA/ PG Diploma programmes in Management. You have to apply to them separately.

Is a GMAT hard?

Like any exam, the GMAT is only hard for people who don’t know what the GMAT tests or how to approach the questions in the given time. Because the GMAT is a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT), it will introduce increasingly difficult questions as each section progresses. In that sense, the GMAT is “hard” for everyone.

How can I study for GMAT at home?

How to Prepare for the GMAT at Home: Online GMAT PrepSet Up an Effective Study Environment. When you decide on online preparation for the GMAT, you must set up an environment that enables you to focus on your studies and get into a serious mindset. … Complete a Practice Exam. … Craft a Study Schedule Based on Practice Test Results. … Make Note of Any Puzzling Questions.

Which is better CAT or GMAT?

The GMAT has a very well defined syllabus and question types, thus it is easier to prepare for than the CAT. It is possible to score 700+ on the GMAT with 90 – 120 hours of dedicated preparation. … The Quantitative section of the CAT is relatively more difficult than the GMAT.

Can arts student crack CAT?

Yes of course infact a graduate from any stream can give the exams with whole heartedly. And for preparation you cam go through this way this might helpful to you. Most of the students with arts background tend to believe in the myth that CAT is not their cup of tea.

Can a BBA student crack CAT?

The criteria for CAT is graduation with minimum 50%. BBA is a bachelor degree, so definitely you can join IIM. BBA will give added advantage to your profile while securing sit in IIM.

Can a BCom student crack CAT?

There is not much of a difference in the preparation strategy to crack CAT for a commerce graduate as compared to strategies for students from other streams. Every year we can also see a high number of students cracking CAT despite holding degrees in science, arts, commerce, maths or statistics.

How long should you study for GMAT?

about two to three monthsRemember, studying for the GMAT takes time. Plan to spend about two to three months and 100–120 hours reviewing material and practicing regularly. The top scorers on the GMAT spend 120+ hours, on average, studying for Test Day over a period of time.