How Do You Filter By Month In Excel?

Can you filter text in Excel?

Select the Data tab, then click the Filter command.

A drop-down arrow will appear in the header cell for each column.

Hover the mouse over Text Filters, then select the desired text filter from the drop-down menu.

In our example, we’ll choose Does Not Contain to view data that does not contain specific text..

Can you filter rows in Excel?

Select any cell within the range. Select Data > Filter. Select Text Filters or Number Filters, and then select a comparison, like Between. Enter the filter criteria and select OK.

What is the shortcut key for Filter in Excel?

Ctrl+Shift+L is the keyboard shortcut to turn the filters on/off. You can see this shortcut by going to the Data tab on the Ribbon and hovering over the Filter button with the mouse.

How do I filter a specific date range in Excel?

Filter for a Specific Date RangeClick the drop down arrow on the Row Labels heading.Select the Field name from the drop down list of Row Labels fields.Click Date Filters, then click Between…In the Between dialog box, type a start and end date, or select them from the pop up calendars.More items…•

How do I filter Years in Excel?

Excel 2010 Just the Steps For DummiesClick the filter arrow for the date column by which you want to filter data. The filter drop-down list appears.Point to Date Filters in the drop-down list. … Select a date filter. … If the Custom AutoFilter dialog box appears, enter a date or time in the box on the right and click OK.

How do I filter dates by month and year in Excel?

To insert the Auto Filter, select the cell A1 and press the key Ctrl+Shift+L. And filter the data according to the month and year. This is the way we can put the filter by the date field in Microsoft Excel.

Which button is used to remove filter?

If you want to completely remove filters, go to the Data tab and click the Filter button, or use the keyboard shortcut Alt+D+F+F.

How do you filter quickly in Excel?

Filter Shortcut in ExcelTo create a filter with a keyboard shortcut, click a cell inside data and use Ctrl + T or Ctrl + L shortcut. … There is another way to create filter icons using keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl + Shift + L.In order to turn off filter icons use Ctrl + Shift + L again.More items…•

Why does excel not recognize a date?

Why this happens in the first place: In short, your input date format does not match your regional settings. Seems your setting mean Excel wants date input as either DD-MM-YY or YY-MM-DD, but your input data is formatted as MM-DD-YY. … Convert the cell with the formula to date format and drag the formula down.

How do you filter in Excel?

Filter a range of dataSelect any cell within the range.Select Data > Filter.Select the column header arrow .Select Text Filters or Number Filters, and then select a comparison, like Between.Enter the filter criteria and select OK.