How Do I Find My EAN On Amazon?

What is an EAN number on Amazon?

European Article NumbersUniversal Product Codes (UPCs), International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs), and European Article Numbers (EANs) are distinctive codes used to identify a particular item.

Amazon uses these codes and numbers to identify the exact item you wish to sell..

How do I find my EAN?

Most manufacturer products come with a UPC or EAN code on the packaging. It will be the number just below the barcode. If your item is used and/or do not have or find the UPC code, you can do a Google search for UPC + Product Name. You can find the manufacturers website and look up the product there to find it.

What is an EAN number?

European Article NumberEAN stands for European Article Number and it refers to the standard product identifier used in Europe. It’s compatible with UPC of the USA & Canada and JAN of Japan. EAN is a universal, standardized barcode used throughout the world, now referred to as International Article Number.

Is Ean a serial number?

Another type of bar code is the International Article Number (EAN), a thirteen (13)-digit number that was developed from the UPC.

Should I use UPC or EAN?

This means that if your product is being sold in the USA , the UPC-A format barcodes are best, however if your product is international, or sold in a country other than the USA, an EAN-13 Barcode is best.

Is EAN code unique?

It’s a unique way of identifying products in your inventory through a series of numbers and letters and it is used to help build credibility for your eCommerce store. Your EAN code will be a 12 to 13 digit code accompanied by a barcode. Think of it like a fingerprint, where no two are the same.

How do I find my product code on Amazon?

You will find an item’s ASIN on the product detail page alongside further details relating to the item, which may include information such as size, number of pages (if it’s a book) or number of discs (if it’s a CD). ASIN barcodes can be used to search for items in Amazon’s catalogue.

Do I need an EAN number to sell on Amazon?

Amazon will need to see photos of the item or your website, or both. You will then be able to add your items via a relevant upload file. It will also help to prevent other sellers selling items on your listing, and you won’t need UPCs, EANs etc.

What does EAN number mean?

European Article NumberThe European Article Number (EAN) is a barcode standard, a 12- or 13-digit product identification code. Each EAN uniquely identifies the product, manufacturer, and its attributes; typically, the EAN is printed on a product label or packaging as a bar code.

Is EAN code mandatory?

If you are selling online, UPC/EAN codes make your job easier. Almost every online retailer needs these to manage their products and execute online selling. But UPC/EAN codes are not a compulsory requirement. Marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal request sellers to enter these numbers when listing products.

How many digits is an EAN?

thirteenThe most commonly used EAN standard is the thirteen-digit EAN-13, a superset of the original 12-digit Universal Product Code (UPC-A) standard developed in 1970 by George J. Laurer. An EAN-13 number includes a 3-digit GS1 prefix (indicating country of registration or special type of product).

What is difference between EAN 8 and EAN 13?

The barcode EAN-13 is mainly used to mark consumer products that passes through a checkout point and which is identified with a GTIN-13 or a variable weight code. … EAN-8 is used to label small consumer products that has limited space for a barcode, such as a lipstick. EAN-8 contains a GTIN-8.