How Can I Change My SBI Bank Account Name?

Can I transfer my bank account to another bank?

Many banks allow free bank-to-bank transfers if you’re sending to another account that you own.

You will just need to link the two accounts.

You can usually do this through your bank’s online banking platform.

Some banks, especially those without a big online presence, will require you to call or visit a branch..

Can I change the bank branch?

Deciding to change your bank branch may be on your list, but it depends on how far you will move when you relocate. … If you’re moving some distance, perhaps out of state, then it’s wise to change your bank branch. You are, of course, able to change your bank branch for any reason.

How do I write a letter to Bank for name change?

Dear Sir/madam, This is to bring to your notice that my name in your bank records is incorrect and needs to be changed. My account number is ______________ and the correct name is “Shivam Kumar Chauhan” whereas in the bank records it is mentioned as “Shivam Kumar”.

Can I have two accounts in SBI?

Yes, you can have multiple SBI accounts in different or same branches and can even link both the accounts with that username. There is nothing illegal for a person to have two Bank accounts with SBI with same identity proof.

What documents do I need to change name on bank account?

To change your name on your accounts, bank cards and statements, you’ll need to visit a branch. Make sure to bring the relevant original documents with you – eg marriage certificate, decree absolute or deed poll document.

How can I transfer my SBI account online?

Step 1: Visit the official website ‘’. Step 2: Select ‘Personal Banking’ and using your username and password. Step 3: A home page will be displayed on your screen, click on ‘e-services’ tab on the top panel. Step 4: After that click on ‘Transfer of savings account’ from the quick links.

How can I merge my SBI account?

Talk to the concerned person (assistant manager or a senior person) in the branch where you prefer to operate. Share your KYC details. They will merge both your accounts (or close the other one, and retain this) and do the needful.

How do I write a letter to my bank name after marriage?

Sir, I was recently married to Ramesh Kumar. So, as you are aware of, I have to change my surname to that of my husband. Therefore, I request you to change my name from Meena Das to Meena Kumar in my saving account. A photo copy of my marriage certificate is enclosed.

Can I change my name on an SBI savings bank account online?

Yes, you can change your name online from your account at onlinesbi website, We have tried to change name from profile login. You can give it a try too.

Can we change the branch of SBI account?

State Bank of India (SBI) savings bank account holders have something to cheer about – you can now transfer your savings account online, from one branch to another, anywhere in the country within a week, free of cost.

How can I correct my spelling mistake in SBI?

We would request you to send copy of either of the below mentioned documents for correction of your name on our records.Passport.PAN Card.Ration Card.Driving License.Court Order.Affidavit duly notarized.Advertisement in the newspaper.

How do I change my father’s name on my bank account?

First make sure that each and every detail in Aadhaar card is correct and complete viz name in full, not mere initials, full address, no abbreviations etc. Once you have satisfied yourself in this regard present the original Aadhaar and a self attested copy to bank for necessary correction.

How can I transfer my SBI account without net banking?

Steps to transfer bank account via Offline mode/ branchFill in the account transfer form.Write an application mentioning the account name, number and the branch code of the bank where you want to transfer the account.Date and sign it.More items…•

How do I write a letter to change my bank account?

Dear Sir / Madam,Change of account details. I/We have changed bank account details, please amend your records to make sure all future payments are credited to my/our new account.My/Our current account details. Financial institution: [insert current financial institution name] … My/Our new account details.

Can we transfer money from SBI to post office account?

1) Add money from your bank account to your IPPB account. … 9) Funds can be transferred from other bank accounts to IPPB using the app. 10) In the same way, you can deposit money in your RD or Sukanya Samriddhi Account through IPPB mobile app.

How do I change my bank account name?

Please visit the Indian Bank Home Branch along with proper documents as a proof to do so such as:Name Change Affidavit.PAN Card, Voter ID and Aadhaar card (having your new name printed on it)Copies of Newspaper Publications.Change of Name change Gazette Notification.Marriage Certificate.

How do I write a letter to change my name?

This letter is to inform you officially that I have legally changed my name. My previous name that is currently on file in the bank for the above account is PREVIOUS NAME. I request you to change your records to my legal name: NEW LEGAL NAME. I have enclosed a copy of proof of my name change.