Can I Wear White Shoes After Labor Day?

What is the rule about wearing white after Labor Day?

Yes, we’re referring to the age-old question, “Can I wear white after Labor Day?” The short answer: Yes.

In fact, the story behind this arbitrary dress code is unconvincingly feeble..

When should you not wear white shoes?

The Seasons for White But the old rule that you can’t wear white after Labor Day no longer applies. Once the weather cools, pairing white shoes with black or gray tights makes shoes pop for a fun, retro look. Shiny white heels look great with jeans and a dressy top at cocktail parties year-round.

Is it OK to wear white tennis shoes after Labor Day?

In this day and age you can pretty much wear whatever you want, whenever you want—and that includes white after Labor Day. Wearing a slim-cut suit to a bar, or a pair of tennis sneakers to the office, is basically playing it safe at this point.

What months Can you wear white?

The idea that white should be worn exclusively between Memorial Day in late May and Labor Day in early September is said to have originated from the late 19th-century, when the upper classes took off to summer homes for the warmer months, leaving behind the grime of city life.

When can I not wear white after Labor Day?

Many Americans put away their white clothes on Labor Day and do not wear them again until the following May, after Memorial Day. One reason for the clothing custom relates to the season. In the United States, the months between June and September are summer.

Why can’t you wear white shoes after Labor Day?

The old fashion rule to not wear white after Labor Day is going out of style. It may have originated because people wanted to stay cool or because it was a sign of wealth.