Can I Get A Second Phone Number On My IPhone?

What should I do with a second phone?

6 Creative Uses for an Old SmartphoneA Backup or ‘Burner’ Phone.

If your old smartphone still works, consider using it as a second phone.

Car Stereo and GPS Device.

Baby Monitor or Security Cam.

DIY GoPro.

Digital Photo Frame.

Donate to a Good Cause..

What is the best app for a second phone number?

Burner is one of the more popular apps for creating a secondary number. … Dingtone gives you a free US number so you can make calls or text to any landline or mobile device in over 230 countries.More items…•

How can I get a second number for free?

It’s called Google Voice and you can choose your own free phone number for voice calls, texts and voicemail. All you need is an active Google account. Install the Google Voice app and you can place outgoing calls, send and receive text messages and voicemail (with transcription) with your secondary number.

Use Call Forwarding To activate call forwarding on Android, follow these steps (steps will vary for each version of Android); open the phone app > Call settings > Additional settings > Call forwarding, you’ll then select which call forwarding option you want and enter the phone number of the second device.

What is the best free app for a second phone number?

NameNameFree TrialPlatformGoogle VoiceunlimitedAndroid, iOSBurner7 daysAndroid, iOSDingtone3 daysAndroid, iOSFlyp7 daysAndroid, iOS8 more rows•Dec 8, 2020

How do second phone number apps work?

Second phone number apps give you a second number on the same phone you’re already using. Many rely on an internet or cellular connection to make the calls work, instead of regular phone signal. Second phone number apps also often give you access to other features and functions at the same time.

Can you have two phone numbers on one iPhone?

With iOS 13 and later, both of your phone numbers can make and receive voice and FaceTime calls and send and receive messages using iMessage, SMS, and MMS. Your iPhone can use one cellular data network at a time. … This uses Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS) technology, which means that both SIMs can make and receive calls.

How can I get a second phone number?

Create a forwarding number with Google Voice To sign up, head to and choose “For Personal Use” for the free tier. You’ll be able to pick a phone number, attach it to your Google Account, and forward calls and texts from that number to your existing phone(s)—even an old flip phone.

Can I have 2 phone numbers on 1 phone?

It’s pretty straightforward: you sign up for an account and select a phone number, which you get to pick from several choices based on the area code you want. Once that’s done, it’s $10 per month for unlimited texts and inbound calls, 5,000 outbound minutes, call screening, and a few other features.

Can I have two numbers on my iPhone 11?

Apple finally introduced dual-SIM capabilities on its iPhone 11, XS, SE (second generation), XR models, meaning you can now have two different phone numbers associated with a single iPhone.